Truck Simulator PRO Europe App Reviews

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Muy buen juego, me encanta; pero los insto a seguir mejorándolo y convertirlo en un juego de excelencia y a un referente en cuanto a juegos. Gracias.

Best Truck game out there!

Pros: I will give five stars because it overall is the best trucking game on the App Store right now in my opinion, very realistic, tons of different types of hauls and the map is pretty big, 1000 miles in game is a 20 min drive real time, so pretty decent. The customization is amazing and that’s a huge plus. The landscape is beautiful and the roads feel real, just a couple cons. Cons: cars will wreck into you causing you to get an accident ticket every once in a while, it’s not often but it should definitely be fixed! The truck engine sounds need a little tweaking to feel more authentic. The speed limits sometimes are too fast around corners causing your truck to drift and even wreck sometimes if you leave Cruise Control on. Other than that it’s an amazing game and very fun if you enjoy trucking!

Need help

Please it’s need a major update

Game Update

The game is amazing but a few issues still remain. The map is extremely small. And should be expanded. Not by a little. An additional 40-50 cities maybe more. It would keep people interested in it longer. Cars sit a green lights A way to notify player that speed will be dropping soon, like bell or buzzer sound Truck AI, needs to be added A date system with changing Weather. Depending on the time of year and location A visible boarder between countries to let you know your crossing. For nations in the E.U. Just flying the two nations flags with the E.U. Flag would be enough More cargo types More trucks Human AI


When I purchased gems they didn’t come


How do you hire people to drive trucks

Need fix on the new update

Please fix the update on the new truck the wipers don’t work so the interior lights

Nice update but fix the problem w new added truck

Overall your game is awesome but when you added the new truck two problems one the wipers don’t work and the dash lights don’t come on w the headlights other than that good game


Just add more trucks, and let us have more variety of deliveries. I love the game, graphics are great. Thank you and keep good work.

steering wheel & controls

It’s a great game better then the others but am not going to give it all the stars because I got big fingers and I like to drive with the steering wheel and the steering is way to small so please up date the app and make all the controls a little bit big.

I love it!

This game so realistic with the driving, and definitely worth the money. I’m hoping that they come out with a USA version of this game. I’m also curious if the levels of this game opens up different routes and roads overtime, because I wish the countries were more large in order to explore.

Truck sounds

This new update is nice and all but the truck engine sounds like metal rubbing together it sounds awful please fix it and add more speed to all the trucks and more power

This game can be better

Good game! Best trucking simulator for apple. I would recommend adding icey and snowy roads, but other than that great game!

Great game

This is a great game but it would be cool if a non cabover big rig was added then it would get 5 stars but still a great game

Good game

Add the engine brakes unlock more cities and snow and more

Great game

Needs just a few adjustments. Realistic smokestack, live CB radio, and blinkers sounds and hazard lights

Rookies as truck drivers

The game has a lot of different features that make it so realistic and I love it. I have just started and it looks like this is a virtual career for me. Thank you keep it up!!!!


4 star cause that intro is scary asf

Great game!

This is an awesome simulation game! There are a few things worth adding: air brakes/ jake brakes, snow, thunderstorms, weigh stations. Please also make a European Coach simulation game, and include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland and Britain of possible. Thanks.

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